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Well drilling for groundwater exploitation (drilling for water supply)

We execute water supply wells whose attainment follows four stages:
  • Stage I: digging drill hole
    • digging drill hole at projected depth and localization, according to preliminary hydrogeological study;
  • Stage II: digging drill well
    • conducting geophysical logging of the well, crossed aquifer delineation, identify productive intervalls, estabilish oportunity of equipping for water exploitation and the filters positioning intervalls;
    • tubing and cementing program development;
  • Stage III: enlargement, equipping and commissioning of well
    • widening probe hole;
    • introducing filtering coloumn;
    • replacement of drilling fluid with water;
    • lifting;
    • filtering gravel introduction;
    • air-lift pumping for clogging and desanding;
    • cimentation;
  • Stage IV: hydrogeological testing
    • introduction of submersible pump and efficacy and performance testing;
    • water sampling for microbiological and physico chemical analysis;
    • data processing and calculation of hydrogeological parameters;
    • establish optimum operating flow;
    • accomplishing technical documentation of drilling and surrender to beneficiary;